Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 Samuel 22:26-27

I was reading 2 Samuel this morning when I came over the afformentioned verse and it reminded me of a comment that I read on a video of In Christ Alone down by Christina Grimmie. One of the commenters was saying how horrible God was and was quoting verses about "Bible Rape" in the old testiment. Well  in 22:26-27 I found it very interesting the responce to that

 “With the merciful you show yourself merciful;
    with the blameless man you show yourself blameless;
 with the purified you deal purely,
    and with the crooked you make yourself seem tortuous.

I a word, people will see in God what they want to see and will blinded by their own concept of him. My hope is that we all do not do this and see God for who he truelly is and not what we think he should look like.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A lyrical genius

Now I know that most of my blogs so far have been about school and Ecola (Who am I kidding, they have all been about here), but today (Just now actually) I experienced one of my favorite things ever...A song made me cry. It's about a fathers pain, moving ahead, not looking back, taking responsibly and staying clean. It is not suitable for small children and has 11 swear words in it, at least five of which are the F word. It references drugs and alcohol and there abuse. In a word, it is about as far away from a Christian song as you can get.

Not Afraid, by Eminem.

So why does it lift me up and bring me closer to God?

It makes me feel closer to God because it shows that no matter how bad it gets there is always hope. If a man as crooked as this can straiten his life out and inspire others how much more hope do we have with God on our side? No matter how bad it gets God will still look down and see his little kids. Sure one of us might have just bashed the other over the head with a stick, or stole a cookie, or lied about this or that, or to bring this into real terms. Some one who has murdered, stolen not from the rich but from the poor, lied about where and who they spent there last night with. GOD STILL LOVES US! He's go'na have to give us one heck of a woopin', but he still loves us, and he does it because he loves us.

Beauty and truth can be found in many things. Gods creation, the cleanest hymn, or the dirtiest rap.
"You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good" Joseph

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Silance FOR the Lamb (If you look hard enough you might get it ;) )

As some of you might have heard it is Day of Prayer here at Ecola. Pretty much what that means is that you have one class in the morning and then you get pack lunches and then you go find yourself a nice spot and pray till dinner. Well to make this more fun I thought I would fast. ha...ha...ha...Me? Fast? From food? That might be a bad idea, and probably not healthy for me either. So I decided to do something both harder and safer. A word fast. No speaking for the entire day. I've gotten by with using my phone to text and to tell people why I am not talking to them but other then that I have hardly had any communication with anyone one today.

The first thing that I found was cool is that because I like talking so much and now I can't talk to any one I have a lot to say but no one to say it too, that is except God. It's amazing how much more you talk to God when you can't even say "Hello" to some one you are walking past.

The other thing that I have found to be cool is peoples responses. A person in the food line was some what puzzled but thought it was interesting. That gall that I got my coffee from didn't know what to think but kinda treated me like a Butist monk that had taken a vow of silance...that was delightfully awkward. :) The lady at the Ecola office just acted like nothing was different and the lady at the post office was very helpful. It is very interesting to see people respond to this but I have also found it very interesting how I have responded. Maybe I will try this again some time or maybe just try not to talk so much. ;)

"Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger". It's pretty easy to be slow to speak when you can talk. ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

17 days later

Life is cool. I'm finding this out more and more. Before Ecola my day went like this: Get up, eat, get on computer which included; youtube, facebook, tv shows, and games. Then I got off my computer, ate dinner, back to the computer, more of the same, then sleep. Life...was not...cool. It was mildly entertaining, but not cool.

17 days later.

My day goes like this: Alarm at 7:30, get up at 7:55, walk to Bella and get coffee, read my bible and pray till 8:25-30, walk back to breakfast, eat, go to class at 8:55, learn amazing things for an hour and a half, go to the coach house till 10:55 and chill (this morning I talked to my RA Seth about the OT for a good half hour), go back to class, eat lunch at 12:00. At this point keep in mind that I have had more interaction with people and more spiritual growth then I had in a month a few short weeks ago. Next, chill and talk at lunch till when ever (generally till about 12:30), hit the student lounge until the rec center opens at 1:00, go play pool or chess, work on homework, maybe read some more of my bible, yesterday we went to falcon point as a hike and I made a new friend and learned a new name, today we have afternoon classes, but that's ok. Then there is dinner at 5:15, eat till 5:45 or 6:00, hang out in the rec or with who ever till class at 7:00, get out at 9:00 having grown an other months worth, go to the rec again and play some more chess or the sport event that is that night (generally frissbe or volley ball), work out every other day, hang there till 11:30 or so, go back to the dorm, take a shower, try and go to sleep, but will most likely fail because I end up talking to Drew till 2:00 in the morning, like last night.
Rinse and repeat.
Life is cool. Tony, at Bella, knows me by name, he knows my drink, he knows I like it cooler then not. He remembers that. My AR is awesome. In so many ways. The teachers are funny. The staff personable. People are cool. God is cool. Jesus is cool. Jesus is life. Life is cool.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Long time, no sea.

So, I haven't blogged in a while but I have an excuse: for the first time in my life I have things to do all the time! I'm doing more and sleeping less then I have ever done and slept before. So, between home work, events, trying to stay awake I haven't had much time to blog, but I am here now and my fingers are starting to warm up. :)

This week we have been looking at Romans and Philipians, mostly Romans however though, and I have to say that my mind is being blown in the best of ways (No pink mist people). The teacher, whos name I am blanking on at the moment, is amazing. He is a very concise speaker to the point that it is almost imposible to take notes because everything he says is note worthy but you can only write so fast! I will be rellying on the audio mp3s for this one, and I am very much looking foreward to revewing them later at my own pase. (Bad spelling I know but I am use IE). He is having us read through Romans twice at least (We where supposed to read through it twice yesterday but hardly any one was able to do it, including me), and it's been fun.

I've been making new friends and getting to know more people. I'm hoping to bring a few home for Cider Press but we will see if they want to come. One of the biggest things that I am learning is to never judge people by their outward apperance but by what they do when it is important. There are so many guys, more then I would like to admit, that I just dismised as just being interested in being cool and not really caring about the people around them, but when it comes down to it they are pray just as hard or even harder (because they have been there done that) then many of the people here, my self included.

If any of you are looking for any spesifics to pray for for me, it would be that I could ramain focussed and that I would not get destracted. That I would be able to see what is the most important and go after it full throtle. They're so many worthy destractions but if I don't focus on one thing, or a few of the most important things, I will be like the starving donkey (if you get that referance then good for you). One last thing is that I would be able to get enough sleep. I am already starting to learn the benifits of coffee and I may start becoming a regular at Bella. By the way they have the best 12oz Mocha I have ever had. So, all that being said if you also have some prayer requests that you would like me to pray for please send them my way. I have started praying every morning and I need things and people to pray for!

Anyways, I should go and do something before class (Wednesday we have two morning classes and then one/two afternoon classes but no evening classes).
So, bless your face, and if you sneezed while reading this post bless you.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Just because we are saved does not give us the right to judge others. It is not our job, it is, however, our job to love them."

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yay for RAs

Well, last night I had the first heart to heart, of many I hope, with Seth, the Ad Dorm RA. I am so thankfull that I have some one that I can talk to about some of the harder stuff down here. He's a great guy and I am really hoping to get to know him better through out the year. But the funnist thing is that I think he is the most energetic and rambunctions out of all the guys in Ad so I am hoping that we don't have TOO crazy of a year in Ad.
Blog again soon.